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57 ème colloque de la Société Française de Psychologie
"Liens, interactions, bien-être et vulnérabilité : Perspectives Actuelles"
7, 8 & 9 septembre 2016

Conférence : Tom Postmes (University of Groningen), Mars, date à confirmer

Conférence : Roger Giner-Sorolla (University of Kent), le lundi 15 février 2016 à 10h30, à l’Université Université Paris Nanterre, salle C404, intitulée "Guilt and Shame in Self-Control Dilemnas"

Title: Guilt and Shame in Self-Control Dilemmas
Summary: A research program of seven studies looked at the appraisal factors predicting guilt and shame in individual self-control dilemmas (such as dieting or studying), and the effect of imagined social involvement on these emotions. The results eventually supported a view of guilt as a more internalized emotion than shame; it depended more on internalized appraisals and emerged relatively more strongly in individual vs. social settings. We also identify two distinct appraisal components, consisting of standard comparison and internalized relational concerns, in both guilt and shame. Finally, our findings are compatible both conceptually and empirically with act/person views of shame, and we explain this based on the functions of partly and fully internalized representations of how others see the self.

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